Monday, December 03, 2007

Rain, rain, rain, wind, traffic, rain, gloom

That was today. It rained like a big fat fuck all day today, blowing winds (not terribly damaging over on this side of the Coast range but still) and flooding and freeways were closed and streams and rivers swelled and everyone still had to get home from work and it was dark at 3pm and it took me a solid hour to get home. Yuck. I'd take snow any day of the week, but then again, I live here and it doesn't really snow much.

And THEN, once home, I decided to change the kitty litter. Pulled the liner up and our little angels had scratched all the way through (you all knew that would happen) but luckily I had the foresight to expect that. So I did not spill. I brought the whole disposable box that sits inside the permanent box into the kitchen and transferred ripped liner and icky litter into another trash bag. While dumping fresh litter (sin liner, what's the point?) into the disposable box, for some reason I turned around to check on the kits, and sure as shit little Seca decided she JUST COULDN'T WAIT and was assuming the position in the clean ain't-got-no-litter-in-it permanent box. Thanks, kitty! Turns out she was faking it. I have found that now, when I go to the bathroom, Seca will immediately run to the litter box and mimic me (well, kind of: I'm not actually sitting in litter). Preciosa! But, you know, I still ran toward the bathroom, arms flailing, saying "Nonononononononono"... all is well, however, and the litter is clean, and the kitties are happy, and I am dry, and I have power, and the largest Sitka spruce tree in the US just broke in half from the wind yesterday. So that's what I got going on tonight.


At 1:55 PM, December 04, 2007, Blogger Mexico Way said...

You made me LOL!

I don't use liner. Waste of time and brain space. It's a shit box. So let them shit in the box. Why does the box need a diaper? Just cuz. If we can sell it to you and get rich why not?

I don't know what the fascination is with pets and you sitting on the toilet. I've had all three in there many a time wondering what the heck they all have to be in there for when I'd like my private moment.

Even the cats have more privacy than I do. There igloo litter box is all enclosed and I don't go in there when they want to pee. Jeesh.


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