Friday, November 09, 2007

I swear this blog isn't going to be all about the kittens

But you want pictures. Well, Canuck wants pictures. And I'm sure Mexico Way, RiverGirl and that Zsa Zsa wants them. And probably others, like Shelia, and maybe even Janet. Okay, I'm not going to name all of you.

The kitties pissed me off something fierce last night when I got home. Turns out, not so potty-trained. I'm SORT of over it, because it's hard to stay mad at these little bastards, but for right now they are staying in the bathroom/laundry room. Until they get used to the fact that under the bed is NOT the potty. And as soon as I tear apart my bedroom completely and Resolve the crap out of it (literally). Remember, these kitties actually WERE born in a barn (okay, a parking garage). Don't fret, they have stuff to do in the bathroom/laundry room.

Aren't they cute?

Little pooping bastards.


At 4:11 PM, November 09, 2007, Blogger CancunCanuck said...

Oh my dear, they are delicious and smushy and yummy and squeezable little poo makers! Thanks for posting, love them and want to squish them to death.

For those who don't know me, I wouldn't REALLY kill them. I AM normal. Normal-ish. No kitty killer here.

Squish them for me please?


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