Saturday, September 30, 2006

If you are looking for substance, you won't find it here

Top of my priority list today: GET A PEDICURE. Wow. If Elizabeth couldn't bear the sight of my toes January 2005, she would CRINGE if she saw them today. Chipped, peeling (why do I never just take the polish off myself?), half red/half nail... not a pretty look. I guess the last time I got my toes done was like I don't know, 2 months ago maybe? I didn't before my last Cancun trip (had to cancel the appointment)... okay so maybe like a month and a half ago. I blogged about it (because, you know, my life is so FUCKING exciting), so you guys figure it out. Whatever the case may be, they look like shit. Poor Xiang, it won't be fun for her (Hey maybe it will be like that time Janet and I hadn't been in a while, and when the poor girl at Dharma Spa was doing the pumice stone thingie, dry skin was just RAINING down on her - oh my hell, hilarious times. The girl was just covered with sweat and Janet's flakes by the end of it, and Janet of course was mortified... good times...).

Okay, so yesterday officially ended the WORST MONTH END OF MY CAREER. No lie. God, that was agony. Maybe 13 opened and 8 closed. If it wasn't for the next little bit of news I am going to deliver to you, I would SO be fired. I don't know what happened, except that my clients just didn't have it in them this month I guess. And Lord knows I haven't closed anything in my condo subdivision since the end of August. Though there is a rumor... and if it is true, well, October won't be pretty.

The next bit of news is about layoffs. Our company had decided we needed to trim the fat - and we are so not a company that likes to do that. But sometimes it is inevitable. So I have been sitting around in my 13 files (well, it was only 13 files as of yesterday, for a while there I was sitting around in my 7 files) thinking of how much stuff I would need to pack when they fired my ass. I was 2nd newest in the branch and I am certainly no volume queen at this point (you know, in my defense, this month of September really was a career-low, and I am giving myself too much crap, but still). The end was nigh on October 6, and though there are certainly some people who would be much better candidates for it, the decision was made.

My amigas Mexicanas.

Yes, kiddies, they shit-canned Emerging Markets. I am so bummed. These girls were awesome - so, like, INTO it. I mean they loved marketing, they loved people, they loved taking signings at unGodly hours and under unGodly circumstances... all the things I have grown to dislike in escrow! It was really inspiring. But the company decided that at this time it was not cost-effective for them to continue to support the program locally, and off it went. I can understand simple economics as well as the next guy, but what bums me out is that I was SO impressed with the concept of this department (I blogged about it earlier, too, I will try to link to it).

Anyway, they took it well, better than most people would, I imagine, and actually are doing something even better that will help our industry out immensely - as well as me. Plus Imeldita gave me some of her clientes and that will help me (since I am not doing a lot of marketing these days... )... but I am bummed all the same because they are my friends and it was fun hanging with them during a long day. I know they will be successful - I do. I am excited for them for that. And they left the company in such a positive manner that it made certain people cry. Truly inspiring.

So yeah, today, besides the toe thing, I also need to get to the Post Office (or something similar) and run to Target, and perhaps the mall. We shall see. None of this loafing around the apartment today! May go to sushi with a Becky but it depends on her kiddies' sports schedules. I spilled coffee all over the floor in the kitchen first thing (good MORN-ING!) (coffee grounds, coffee I had just bought last night, so it wasn't wet or used AND I managed to get 98% of it on the little rug in front of the sink) so that inspired me to sweep the kitchen and wash the little rug. I am on a roll!

Watched "Barbershop 2" last night because how much do I love Ice Cube (and always have, no lie, from NWA to present) - it was okay. Not bad at all, even if it was a sequel, and I am not really Sequel-Girl, just okay. You know how it is. Unfortunately, my Netflix copy of "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" came cracked so I had to send that back and order another one (don't ask, there is no rhyme or reason to my Netflix choices) (I heard it was funny and I used to smoke a lot of dope). I was in bed by 10 and got up at 8am. 8AM! That's like 10 hours of sleep! What am I doing that requires 10 hours of sleep?!

Well, I'll tell you. Sitting in front of the crack-top. And shirking my duties. So go away now and let me go take a shower so I can get my shit done.

Happy Saturday!


At 12:31 PM, September 30, 2006, Blogger SS said...

You lie...there is substance there!

At 2:37 PM, September 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Harold and Kumar White Castle movie is the bomb. Really it's about nothing but pretty funny.

Sorry about the amigas. I know you liked having them around.


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