Thursday, December 01, 2011

Waiting for the bank to open while I think about how much I hate leaving my cats

So Marita described it best: homesick and I haven't even left yet. I'm off work since yesterday, and today there is much more to do - because I dread cleaning the bathrooms. Seriously, one of them is like two feet by two feet if you don't count the shower, but it's a dread I feel anyway. I think it's just a residual throw back from when my job as a kid was to clean the boys' bathroom. Who knows why I still cling to that, I mean it's not like anyone is peeing on the floor here.

I have to go to bed tonight at like 8, so I can get up at 2. Some might question why I would even go to bed to begin with. Becky. But it's not really an option, and I have to get up so early so that I can shower before Gay Neighbor Geoff drives me to the airport at 3:20. That's AM, folks. My flight leaves at 5:30am, and the ticket counter at US Air opens at 3:45. I am certainly not one to NOT abide by the "two hours before your departure" rule, but what can you do when even THEY can't meet that? So abide I will, at the expense of a fabulous neighbor who is also going to watch the kitlets. He doesn't really drink so I'm not sure what I will be bringing him back as a fabulous gift, but I'll think of something. I'm really lucky to have these friends, considering how surly I am.

So I'm meeting my fabulous friends Marita and Dave and their mini-posse, staying with that Marta, which will be fun for her, I'm sure, since I'm an awesome roommate (right, Liz?) and tomorrow night I get the added bonus of staying with that Kim, which is awesome in itself for obvious reasons, the least being that it reminds me of actually living there, but without all the unpleasant details, like wondering what that thing is moving under my shoes, power outages when it rains, not being able to find a taxi on Sunday, and watching America's Next Top Model on a 9 inch TV.

But oh how I hate leaving the tiny kitties. They're on to me right now, you know, even though the suitcase is still in the office. They get suspicious when I clean. I don't really blame them, it's not like it's a weekly event or anything.

Well, I'm pretty sure the BofA's call center is open now, so I'll get to work for the day. If I don't see you tomorrow morning, enjoy your week and think about how ridiculously tan I'll be getting as it progresses.


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