Sunday, November 06, 2011

A tan will hide the dark circles, though.

The cats didn't let me have that extra hour of sleep this morning. They barely allow me to sleep until 4am as it is. Right now one of them isn't even letting me blog.

I think the only thing "Falling Back" does to me is set a precedent to get up EVERY weekend day at 4:45am. That's not good. Sooner or later there will be dark circles under my eyes.

Booked for Mexico, and with less than a month to spare. A teeny tiny window of opportunity opened and luckily that Marita found it - fare through Phoenix (way better than the Texas airports) for less than $850. Like $320 less. Sure the flight back leaves at 9am on Saturday with a four hour layover, but I'm a cheapskate and there is NO WAY I was going to pay $800 for airfare alone on this trip. The pluses are that I get to hang out with that Kimberley on Friday (and I even get to spend the night, though I'm not sure her cats are okay with that) and I won't be home in the middle of the night on the following Saturday. Oh and I get to actually be at the same resort as that Marita and Dave (and Marta, of course!) for the first time in ever (we did do that Isla trip, but technically it doesn't count because we had to buy all our own drinks). So on top of getting crazy tan (I talk a good game, don't I?) I get to hang with my favorite people. And I only have to wait like three weeks or something like that before I go.

Which means I have to tan in earnest. I started yesterday at the Cut Rate salon, but I really hate laying in a tanning bed for flipping 20 minutes, so I'm thinking I'll probably re-up for a month at the super fancy expensive one. It's way more convenient considering I'll be in Hillsboro for the entire time I am tanning (save the next three days).

Anyway this wasn't supposed to be about the Mexico prep. It was SUPPOSED to be about the cats and how suddenly I care about things and hate leaving them, and every time I see a wild animal out and about (chipmunk, deer, rat, crow) in potential peril of getting run over, I think of the kitties and I get all sad like somehow they would ever be able to get out of the house and race immediately to the busiest street they could find and then something horrible would happen. Because isn't that what inside kitties would do? Just like when you drop something, anything, it automatically lands UNDERNEATH something? I used to be so carefree and unaffected by the plight of others (okay that's not really true, but I HAVE been known to not give a shit about anyone but myself...). Now every time I see a carcass on the roadside or a chipmunk wondering if now would be a good time to run across the street, I think of my kits and how that could be them. Whose idea was it for me to have animals to begin with?

Nearing the time to have coffee with my neighbor (I've been up for hours, been to the gym, the Dutch Bros, showered... still killing time talking about nothing) but I figured after the barrage of posts from a couple of weeks ago, I'd keep up the trend. Sorta. Seriously, nothing is going on. Except, you know, Mexico.


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