Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quick jaunt south

Thursday I had the opportunity to go down to Eugene for the University of Oregon Women's Football Clinic. This clinic is designed to give women the basic understanding of the game as it pertains to the Oregon way. I know plenty about football, but the opportunity to be this close to the coaches and tour the facilities was too good to pass up. Maura was planning a trip south to drop off some items to her daughter, so she came with me. We met up with that Sara and Tootie from work, and all in all a good time was had by all.
I actually learned some things, which kind of surprised me but kind of didn't. Maura and I stayed the night and the next day did a lap at the bookstore, met Tootie and Nostraduckas for breakfast, and then took a lap of the campus.

I haven't been on campus in YEARS, and I may be biased, but it's just a fantastic campus. I don't know how a kid touring the school (and a recruit visiting the facilities) could ever say no. Say what you will about the amount of money spent on the facilities there, but if you were an athlete alum that had a shit ton of money to contribute, you'd contribute it to your own alma mater, too.

It was a great 24-hour jaunt, and a good time on every level. And it never hurts to get a little bit more fired up for Duck football.

Do I really have to say it? GO DUCKS!


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