Thursday, April 14, 2011


Determined to make something out of this vacation, I am waiting patiently to leave for a little over-nighter to Eugene. I won't elaborate too much about it because I kind of have the shakes (not sure why, it's not anticipation or anything) (or even too much coffee). I promise to take pictures. I know I said I would earlier this week but I just didn't quite get around to it. Now you all can see what I-5 South a couple of hours looks like.

I'm probably not going to Ontario this weekend because suddenly it's snowing like a big fat bitch over Mount Hood and it's probably a safe bet that going over passes this particular April is a bad idea. I should have known. I'll be alright with the decision, though, because apparently I don't feel like I've lounged enough this week.

Also I will not be having my additional Frances-less surgery on the 21st as planned. Instead it will be May 12. Maybe. The doctor wants the swelling to go down some and me to wear this stupid sock more. All I know is it BETTER HAPPEN THEN because I want it to be a memory by the time I board a flight to the desert.

I'll be back tomorrow or Saturday with an adventure I hope. Stay tuned.


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