Sunday, July 25, 2010

Almost famous

Apparently TtheD was featured as the Blog of the Week in the Oregonian on Saturday. The entry from July 11 where I didn't take a shower and tried to find a fan. Desperately exciting post. I don't get the Oregonian but my brother Tom does and he is also a TtheD reader so imagine his surprise. I think it's probably only in the west side editions because it was in a community-related section and they obviously change those out so their Sandy residents don't have to read about what's going on in Aloha. It has had absolutely NO impact on traffic to the site, however, but that's okay. It's not like I'm looking to become famous or anything. Famous people have to shower constantly.

I've been everywhere this week (almost), and have had a lot of ideas to blog about but now I can't really remember what they were so we're back to pretty much nothing. Trying desperately to find a vacation for August. I think we've landed on Palm Springs/Palm Desert, if the price is right. I'm a complete cheap skate and want to spend as little as possible for luxurious opulence. Since my vacation is less than a month away I might as well get right on it.. I need real sun. I don't know why I don't go to my own pool here at the casita, but I don't. Usually when I think about it it's Sunday and Sunday is Screaming Child Day here, apparently. I'm not sure why Saturday isn't, but Sundays are pretty much relentless with the kiddies at the pool. I didn't even think that many kids lived here. At least I don't see very many of them the other days of the week.

It's been a long week, surely I had to have done SOMEthing.


Tuesday afternoon I made a last minute decision to go to a broker open house in Lake Oswego with Whitney and Sheree' (I was working downtown). Good choice. This house is phenomenal - right on the lake, incredible views and a guest house that I would love to live in if I could only find someone to buy the property. The girls went on a boat ride while I chitchatted with the realtor client, and we ended up staying until around 5:30, chatting on one of the five balconies, enjoying the view and the afternoon sun. That's the way to live. None of this hoping-no-one-is-parked-in-your-carport-can't-use-the-pool-Sunday-because-of-screaming-kids-need-to-run-all-over-town-for-a-fan-for-the-living-room crap. But the flip side is that someone would need to keep that place clean and I have a hard enough time doing that in a two bedroom flat. Oh well. In my next life I'll have the wherewithall to afford that kind of lifestyle.

Adult ADD Me just realized the Anniversary Sale is going on now, so perhaps I should finish cleaning the bedroom and shower and hit the Square. And leave you all with the confidence that this particular entry will never be Blog of the Week anywhere.


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