Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back west

Back from a really quick turnaround trip to eastern Oregon, and gearing up for a grueling two days of work with a three-day weekend to finish it up. It's tough. And I'm kind of being facetious.

Except this morning my wireless keyboard took a dump, and I'm not sure why. It was working last night. I hate typing on the laptop keyboard. It's not the batteries, and I hit the little reset button (which I had to look for since I have never ever had to hit it before..), but I'm not getting any response and it's kind of pissing me off. I'm sure that by the time I get behind the first really slow driver I'll forget all about it.

Rain in the forecast. Maybe I should move to eastern Oregon. The weather is just different. It was cold, and it snows there, but it's not this damp, bone-chilling cold we get here. And it didn't rain at all while we were there - it started up on the drive back once we got through Hood River maybe. Plus it was light until around 6:30pm. Granted it's in the Mountain time zone, and it was dark in the morning until around 8:15, but still. By the time afternoon rolls around I have completely forgotten about morning.

The funeral was nice. Barbie gave the eulogy and shocked the congregation by breaking out into song. Truth be told there wasn't a dry eye in the house. It's hard enough to speak in a clear voice, but to sing a song like "Oh Danny Boy"? Props to her for not breaking a sweat. It was good to see everyone and to represent, as we do. There is talk about an April trip (not sure I can swing that) and a July 4th trip to the ranch in Drewsey (that I can do), but then again my cousin Greg is doing very poorly and I'm not sure how that will all pan out.

Family drama does not limit itself to the west side of the mountains, however, so we had a good dose of controversey to keep the flow going, very little down time and lots of conversation. Barbie and I took a trip to the cemetery to see that part of the family that is watching our backs, and of course we had the Jolts n Juice to keep us going. All in all, a good trip, if for the worst of reasons.

What's funny (to me) about the people over there is how they don't give it a second thought to drive 150 miles to a funeral or a rosary and turn around and go home that day. I might be stretching the mileage part, but seriously, some of these ranchers have to drive for miles to get to an event that lasts three hours max and then go home and calf. It makes me think about what a wuss I can be, not wanting to drive to northeast Portland to Ikea to get a TV stand because it's so faaaaaaaaaaar. Perspective. Second nature for them, huge adaptation for me.

I do love it over there. I wonder if I could keep myself busy living there for good. Doubtful. But it's kind of fun to think about.


At 8:58 PM, February 12, 2010, Blogger Theresa in Mèrida said...

Living far out gets old. I remember when Husband I moved to town. We'd go to Costco and be home in five minutes instead of the normal 45. We used to be so shocked, and pleased.
He used to live even farther out like an hour and a half to town, you get used to it, but really it's better not to have to do it. A 3 hour commute every single day is a big chunk out of your life. If you run out of something when you live in the country, you just do without.
I loved living in the country, I miss it, but I don't miss the driving.

At 8:11 AM, February 13, 2010, Blogger JJ said...

I agree. The closest "big" city to Ontario anyway is Boise, and I wouldn't classify that as big to begin with. Plus it's still like 45 miles away. Find your happiness where you are, I guess...


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