Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bad hair

I'm having quite possibly the worst hair day in a decade. It started with too much product, morphed into the wrong side part and has ended up in a gigantic mess. God only knows what it will look like at 3pm. I wonder if I have any signings. I hope for their sake I do not.

Work. Bleh. Well, the work part anyway. This is a great branch. I mean, there's always something going on. They make lunch there a lot, for the group, and there are giant combs and canned tuna and yesterday Maril brought in the Spirograph game. Remember that? Flipping awesome. Except I haven't tried it yet. The set is pristine - no rips in the lid, all the push pins and pieces included. We had that game when I was a kid - probably ten minutes after the box was opened half the stuff was missing. I love that Maril's set is in such perfect condition - and I love the fact that she brought it with her when she moved from New York. I wonder if she was thinking, hmmm, should I bring it? Will I need it? I might need it. Yeah, I better bring it.

Weather has been okay, not too rainy (rainy, but not super-rainy). It's foggy out there this morning, which will wreak havoc on an already ridiculous hair situation, but what the hell.

So it's pretty clear that we are in that mid-winter-there's-just-nothing-going-on season that tends to happen in this blog now that I no longer live south. I mean, seriously, what kind of adventures can one have when it's dark most of the time? I could go on and on about the cats but some of you don't really care and frankly, how many times can I post about them digging in a shoe or me wondering what they are looking at behind the bathroom door and being too much of a wimp to look myself to find out? So I'll just go to work, and work, and have fun with the props but not with the new HUD, and come home, and go to bed at like 9 out of sheer boredom, and then the next day I'll do the same thing. January. Shit.

The only thing left to do this morning is see what kind of hell this fog will do to the 'do between the front door and the car. Sigh.


At 10:02 AM, January 27, 2010, Blogger la.leche said...

I had a bad day today too, so I kinda get what you're saying. But fret not, tomorrow holds a better day :)


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