Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Yesterday vs. Today

Soooo I've gotten a lot more done today than yesterday could have ever even dreamed about doing, and it's only half over.

Things I have already done today that I didn't do yesterday:

1. Showered
2. Changed out of my pajamas
3. Put on mascara
4. Put on a bra
5. Left the building
6. Drove
7. Got my eyebrows waxed
8. Went to the supermarket
9. Put gas in my car
10. Returned two phone calls

Talk about progress! Yesterday's list? It's shorter:

1. Watched "Law and Order: Criminal Intent"

All day. Seriously. ALL DAY. It was on one channel for about six hours and then when it went to something else, I found it on another channel, and then another, so at one point I was actually flipping back and forth between two episodes on two different channels. I literally watched nothing else the entire day, and it was even on well in to the night because I watched it from my bedroom and feel asleep to it. That's gotta be some kind of record. I even suprised myself by seeing some episodes I've never seen before (and how can that be? I love that show and watch it whenever I can. Clearly.).

I felt kind of guilty about doing literally nothing else for the day (I didn't even nap through them), and made a vow to myself last night to actually get out and get some stuff done today, the last day of my five-day weekend. I don't feel guilty about it now because frankly I seem to the only person who can please me anymore.

The waxing was good today, though, and I set up another advanced appointment with Pauline, who impressed me enough last time to make me pre-book. She remembered a) that I was getting ready to go to Mexico last time, b) that I am a spinster and c) that I never pre-book waxing appointments. Kudos to her. She also advised me to start tinting my brows. In the nicest way possible. In the nicest way possible she indicated that I have been walking around looking like a jackass with eyebrows that don't match my hair color. And now I am expected to do this for another four weeks. Nice.

The driving-around-doing-all-these-things part sucked, though, because I think I am the only one who didn't get the memo that it isn't necessary to wave to people when they do you a favor. Like be nice and let them cut in front of you in traffic. Apparently I am the only one still waving at people like a lunatic when someone lets ME in, because when I let THEM in they just act like it was their right to be let in, and not that I was being nice and doing them a favor. Which irritates me because no matter how elaborate their back window decals are or how dark their window tinting is I still look for that "thank you" wave. It never comes. Bastards.

So spending all yesterday watching Goren and Eames crack cases was probably, in the long run, better for my mental health. I'll be out in the thick of inconsiderate stupidity soon enough. For now, just a few more things to add to the today list and then it's chill time.


At 3:11 PM, January 05, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. I love Vincent D'Onofrio. He's sexy. BH

At 10:51 PM, January 05, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, the vacuum thing just didn't work for you yesterday/today? Need I come over there and do it for you :-)


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