Monday, January 04, 2010

ADD in action

So I'm taking a couple of days off in the new year, mostly because I don't think anyone else in escrow is and I think for the first time since I've been employed at First American I have a ton of vacation time left over from 2009. Which means I'm not traveling enough (remember my resolutions?). So here I am. Extending the weekend. I don't have kids and I'm not a crafts kind of person and I don't exactly have a ton of money in the bank, so really the only thing I have to do is clean. And read. I have a ton of books I need to get to. I'm off to a pretty decent start though, because believe it or not, while I was on a THREE HOUR PHONE CALL with that Kelly Dean yesterday I cleaned my bedroom. This is huge because I have this one dresser that serves no purpose other than to hold the pile of clothes that I put on it (rather than hang them up or throw them in the laundry). The pile was getting pretty high (mostly because all of the things that I didn't wear while on my last vacation went from the suitcase to the dresser and have been sitting there for a month). Just the fact that it's all empty and flat makes me feel pretty accomplished.

Also while on that same phone call I cleaned the crap out of my bathroom - we're talking old-toothbrush and hands-and-knees clean. You can pretty much eat off any surface in that bathroom now, if you were so inclined, which is a lot more than I can say for the kitchen.

I swear to God today I am going to vacuum. I swear it.

So at first I was thinking to myself that 2010 started out on a rough foot, but then I realized, really, there is no one event that can be an omen for a rough year. Other than be on the phone for ridiculous amounts of time (some of it in the car, without some kind of handsfree situation, which is now illegal in Oregon, and speaking of that I forgot AGAIN to put my new insurance card in the glove box, which I should probably do since I keep forgetting about that stupid phone law), I haven't had a ton of interaction with others. This is probably good since I am feeling kind of cranky and off my game (but there is a biological reason for that). I know a couple of things (besides the vacuuming which I SWEAR I am going to do today) that HAVE to be done - one of them is to go get these eyebrows taken care of and the other is to get creamer. And cook some more shit for my lunches this week. Because there are a few things on that resolution list that I really am going to do.

I obviously don't have much to say right now, and this thing is getting a little bit out of control, meaning it's just basically thoughts in my head spilling out all over the page, and I know that's not very exciting for any of you. So I guess I'll get to it (getting to it meaning dicking around some more on the internet and then half-heartedly emptying out the vacuum cleaner canisters and getting to THAT chore). So I'm signing off because my head is feeling a little ADD right now and I feel like if I continue I might never stop typing.

So, you know, happy new year and all that.


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