Monday, December 28, 2009

Because I said I would.

I was reading over posts from last year at this time and it appears that the only thing I have done that I said I would do this year is blog more. I said I would try to have more adventures (trips) and really, all I did was go to Mexico twice. Which used to be the norm, back when I didn't have a blog. Of course, back then I had more money, but whatever. This year I'm just going to have more money, that's all.

My long weekend was somewhat uneventful, except for the usual errand running and lounging. I lounge a lot. I think I lounge probably more than I should. I'm not one to make resolutions, but, um, maybe this year I will try not to lounge as much as I do.

It being the holiday season and all that, I did get to see some friends I wouldn't have probably seen had it not been the holiday season. Had coffee with that Becky from high school who now lives in the San Francisco Bay area and seems to be much happier as a result. Something about this oppressing weather up here (and oppressing familial obligations, but I won't go in to that), I think for some of us it just doesn't make for happy. Like right now, for instance. It's flipping 6:42am and it is pitch black out.

So now I am getting ready to head in to Beaverton (and that mother f-ing f-d up drive to it), work for four days, and then take five days off. I'm not doing anything special, I just have a bunch of time off I haven't used and nobody else is taking it off, so why not. Maybe something will come up. Maybe I'll decide to take a day trip (don't hold your breath). Or maybe I'll vacuum. The world is my oyster.

Anyway, without calling them resolutions, I think I will take this week to ponder in what way I will make 2010 different than 2009. 2009 wasn't a bad year for me, but a new year should aspire to something else. I'll figure it out and get back to you.

As usual, nothing more to report, nothing exciting, nothing earth-shattering, just plugging along, living the dream, and going back to work. Happy last-week-of-2009, all ~


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