Thursday, January 07, 2010

Well I had to write SOMEthing...

Because I'm freezing and am whiter than anything, mornings like these when I should be getting my shit together for work are spent looking for vacation deals. The problem is I'm really bad at it. Years ago I was in the travel industry, you know. My ultimate intention was to work as a travel agent, before being a travel agent became practically obsolete. Now I'm glad I didn't do it, because seriously I suck at it. My friends Marita and Dave can find deals at the drop of a hat, and maybe it's because of where they live, but they are constantly booking fabulous beach vacations for next to nothing. Me? I look for ten minutes, grow weary, and give up.

Who cares that I don't have any money? This is the year I'm going to make a whole bunch more, remember?

The kitties and I are back in the routine - me working all day and them alternately lounging around and ripping the shit out of my sofa. They like to harass me in the middle of the night because somehow after only five days of me sleeping in they forgot that I have to get up at 5am. I'm back at the circus but feeling kind of useless because I am not really covering anyone in particular. Being at the circus is comfortable to me, though, because it's so close to home, there's a Dutch Bros on the way and it's kind of loud. Really loud sometimes because I am sitting between Janno and that MaryAnn and both of them have hearing issues. I was rather shocked to find out yesterday as well that there was no cake - there is ALWAYS cake at the circus - so MaryAnn made me sort of an impromptu cake-like situation... a piece of fudge (I think) covered in strawberry cream cheese and decorated with frill-picks. It was fragrant. And a little frightening. I hid it on her desk before I left last night so we'll see how it fared.

The good news is it's Thursday already and already I have grand illusions about all the many things I will be doing this weekend. I'm surprised I haven't figured myself out yet, but I'll let the illusion continue for a little while longer. For right now my goal is to find a sunny destination for like April or something. I'd say I plan to spend some serious time looking on Saturday, but I know I'll give up on it. And send a plea out to Marita...


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