Saturday, April 05, 2008

Review time

I forgot to mention that finally, FINALLY, after what felt like MONTHS of waiting, "American Gangster" came on Comcast On Demand. Seriously I saw that it came out on DVD like a while ago, like a year ago or something (okay not really but you know what I mean) and I have been scanning new releases on On Demand for weeks and nothing. Until yesterday. So I parked my ass on the sofa and prepped for the long haul three hours that it is.

All I can say is, wow. Not Wow! Or even wow! Just wow.

Isn't it just the way when you get yourself all psyched out for something and when it finally happens it's a let down? I mean, it was okay. It was Denzel after all. And Bad-Guy Denzel no less, who I like. But I just didn't feel it. I was never really drawn into it. I mean, by the end I was SORT of vested in some characters, after all I had just spent the last three hours with them, but not very much. Like when someone gets shot I didn't do a "Oh!", I did more of a "Eh." You know. Not quite INTO it.

It just could have been done better. Me not being a director, I can't say exactly HOW, but it just could have. I felt like I could really tell what were movie sets and what were location shots. That bothered me. And I never warmed up to the Russell Crowe character. I just didn't believe him. Or the "bad" cops. I kept getting them confused with the mafiosos. And what the hell was Armand Assante in there for? I mean they barely touched on his role (and I even got the unedited version). It was no "The Departed", I'll tell you that much. And the happy ending. Why a happy ending? I guess I just don't feel like it should have been so HAPPY, so BUDDY-MOVIE all of a sudden.

I really don't have anyone to blame but myself. I let myself be disappointed. I'll know better next time.

On another quick side note - I just went in to change out the laundry and remembered to say something that has been on my mind since I moved in here: the chick upstairs does laundry TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY. That, or she has a rock polisher up there. Seriously, the dryer or the washer is running constantly. CONSTANTLY. I've seen her, and she doesn't strike me as the kind of gal that would have THAT many clothes. Or towels. I mean, seriously, it is NEVER ENDING. So you can only hear it from the bathroom/laundry room, and it gives me serious vertigo in there most of the time. It's like making my heart beat irregularly (hey I wonder if I can use that as a ploy to break my lease... hmmmm). But mostly it just drives me insane because it is KILLING me to know what in the Sam Hill she is launderingup there, day in and day out. I really have never been overly bothered by apartment living, but this girl might be pushing me over the edge. I am pretty adaptable. I can barely smell the curry anymore.


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