Saturday, April 05, 2008

Marking an occasion of sorts

So a year ago yesterday I moved back to Cancun to work at My Place. I'm thinking the week leading up to that day was pretty brutal, packing my stuff away again and throwing/giving away a ton of stuff. Well, you live and learn. People from work still ask me when I am moving away again. Apparently the look of abject horror on my face is not convincing enough. They keep asking. Nobody says I am not moving AWAY again, just not back to Cancun. Unless I had an umlimited supply of money and bought a condo to supplement my other destination homes, and then I could just divvy up my time between spots.

On the home front, it's not too early to look for a new place to live! I have been looking at the usual suspects and I have it narrowed down to about three, but there is one place over in Raleigh Hills that has undergone/is undergoing a huge remodel. The place itself has been there since I was 3 so the location is good, but when I went to go check out a unit there were some... um... undesirables all over the place. The place is old (almost as old as me) so the rents are lower, which is why, I guess. But it has some potential and seriously you can't beat the location. Plus all new appliances and a washer/dryer in each unit, which for me is an absolutel MUST. We'll see, I don't have to move until July, but I really want to be sure this time. I really don't like living in this place. And the kitties need more room to stretch their legs (as if soaring like little furry eagles from the window sill to the sofa isn't enough).

So I had the opportunity to meet the Senior Regional VP that has been firing all my friends, and frankly, he's not THAT bad of a guy. Of course you don't get to be a Senior VP of anything with out the ability to blow a little smoke, so some things you gotta take with the appropriate grains of salt. I guess here is the bottom line - make yourself indispensible. Blow a little smoke right back. Play the game. Most importantly, remember that it IS a game. And if the worst happens, well, dust yourself off and do something else. I guess looking back, I've had to do it before. I guess I can do it again if I have to.

I woke up insanely early today and just stayed up, so since I am showered already I might as well get this day rolling. Hillary Clinton is in Hillsboro today, which is the exact opposite of the direction I am going, so with any luck I will be out of Secret Service range. You know how I feel about crowds.

Happy Saturday to all ~


At 11:28 AM, April 05, 2008, Blogger Mexico Way said...

Happy Anniversary! or not! LOL. Wow you've done a lot in the last few years now haven't you? Be proud. Some people don't have the huevos to do so.

Hope the apartment hunting thing works out.


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