Monday, October 30, 2006

Not quite as festive but here's a suggestion.

So the party was a lot of fun. The bunny ears stayed on and nobody gave me any grief, but there were a ton of really good costumes. Lots of people in scrubs. I guess that's easy. The cab ride was long and pretty expensive but it beats the flip side of taking the chance on driving, and this way there was no worry about how drunk you got. Jenn napped on the way home but that's okay, she woke when appropriate. Laurie's house was incredible, right on the Columbia River and it was just an absolutely beautiful place. Jenn's house as well (I had not been there yet and I think she has lived there for like 3 years) was great, I was sort of jealous. Huge backyard. I did not houdini, but I couldn't have if I tried - no cabs go out that way (none that I know of anyway) and I was lucky to get the one I did. Got home at a very reasonable hour thanks to the time change and spent pretty much the whole day Sunday on the sofa.

So tomorrow we are supposed to dress up like cowboys. Okay, a) I used to have cowboy boots but Lord knows where they are, I imagine I got rid of them when I moved out of the house of cards but I never wore them so it could have been any time. And b) I have jeans and a jean shirt but that is it, and I have to sit in on a class with John John tomorrow and that wouldn't be appropriate. Then c) I have no cowboy hat nor any intention of going to buy one so there you go, no cowboy for me. We are also having a food day and I am sort of bummed because I like cooking for those things and I have been so flipping buried that I have not had the time nor motivation. I guess I could have made somehting on Sunday but nah. I stopped at the Fred Meyer and picked up some cold deli salads and some cookies. Bah humbug.

Work has been IN-SANE and if I get through tomorrow unscathed I am running straight into Nicky's office and TELLING her I am off in December for a Cancun trip. The numbers are good and all that but the files I have been trying to close have been horrendous. It always works out in the end, so let's all cross our fingers (I have 8 going tomorrow, possibly 9). I am looking forward to finishing up this condo gig because I am sick to death of it.

I have no festive-ness to contribute but I do suggest that you read Mexico Way's blog today, very fun and festive and Halloween-y, I laughed, and I think it might be good for you to laugh too.

Over and out.


At 4:34 AM, October 31, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

bandana around your neck = cowboy

Good luck today, I'm rooting for you!
- RiverGirl


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