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Another example of why having Blogger develop a device that one could implant in one's thigh and never again forget a great post idea: That Marci and I were chatting during work yesterday about something that irritated me or pissed me off or something, and all I remember now is me saying "I am SO going to blog about this" and thinking I should write a note so I didn't forget. I didn't write a note, I did forget. Now look - we ALL miss out.

So today we tried (in vain) to remember what it was about, and I DID end up writing a couple of notes on topics, but let's face it, it's not the same. My days, no matter what I'm doing, are pretty eventful when it comes to just STUFF happening, but what good is it if I don't remember or don't take the 2.7 seconds it would take to just write a note? Reading TtheD these days makes my life seem boring and stupid. It kind of is, but little stuff happens, and everyone needs a bit of spice now and again. I've totally let you down.

So what are the contents of those notes I wrote? Certainly not as exciting. But this bears noting: Marci is getting married in July and is firmly ensconced in all things wedding related. For the most part she seems to be having a pretty good time, but there are issues... Aren't there always? I may be a spinster, but I've also been in nine weddings (that's right. Nine.) and I hear the same things over and over again.

This time it's a person who seems to think that the position they are in allows them to invite all manner of crazy non-essential guests to this wedding-that-isn't-theirs. Which would be fine if Marci and her betrothed were loaded. They're not. And they're pretty much paying for everything (I'm guessing, because I'm sure I've asked but you know how I generally ask questions and don't wait around for the answers.. anyway, it sure seems like they are, because the other day she had $4 to use on groceries for the rest of the week and we all spent some time wondering what in the heck she could buy with $4. And at the Albertson's, no less. You can't find a Winco in Oregon City, for crying out loud?). So my feeling about this person throwing their weight around is that someone needs to sit them down and give them a stern talking-to. But this person being who this person is and the position they hold, well, neither one of them is going to do it. I think that's what maids of honor and/or best men are for. If I were the maid of honor I think I'd do it for her.

But then you think about it - you get a wedding invite and you don't really consider how much all these people are costing the couple, do you? I never really have. I mean, unless they've told me. You just RSVP right away and if you have a date you mark "2" and if you don't you mark "1" and you show up on time and drink all their beer and maybe eat some of the food they spent buckets of money on. You don't think about how much they spent to get you there and put this food in front of you (and you certainly don't care how much they spent on booze, especially if it's an open bar), you just make the choice to either eat it or skip it because food's a buzz kill in any social situation. Right?

So now I'm back to this person who probably KNOWS money is tight and STILL doesn't give a shit and adds thirty more people to the guest list, people the groom hasn't seen since he was six years old and the bride has never even heard of, let alone met. It's downright rude. If you want them to come, fork over some cash. Otherwise, leave the guest list to the couple, sit down, shut up, and eat your chicken cordon bleu.

Ah, weddings. I always said if I got married I'd just go to Vegas and then later have a big party. It's fun frustration that costs a fortune and yes it will make for fabulous memories and a good time will definitely be had by all, but for me, yeah. I wouldn't have the kind of focus and dedication it takes to see something like that through to the end. I mean, it took me two months to book the stupid car rental for NEXT WEEK'S VACATION. But enough about me.

The other topic I am not going to write about tonight because I think my rice is almost done. And it's a horrible subject. But the good news is I wrote myself a note and blogged tonight, because I have to blog, because I know you are dying to know what's going on in my work-a-day world and not just on Saturdays when the world is supposed to end.

Have I mentioned I'm getting tan again?


At 11:23 AM, May 27, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Marci's mother in-law to be!
It's Marci's mother in-law to be!


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