Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday in the sunshine

I love Saturday mornings. I've probably blogged about that in the last almost five years, I'm sure. Saturday morning is a get-up-early-drink-a-couple-cups-of-coffee-in-the-pink-Saturday-mug-I've-had-for-roughly-20-years(oh my God, really?!)-and-be-all-optimistic-and-shit kind of time. And it's been sunny and warm-for-February-ish so the attitude is up. Things can be kinda shitty everywhere else, but a sunny Saturday morning is always a good thing.

So what's been going on? From the looks of this blog, not much. But there are things to be done today so I can imagine I will have more fodder soon. Today I am trying out a new (to me) Target - Wilsonville. I never go to Wilsonville. I mean I don't think I have been even remotely near Wilsonville in like ten years. Jeri loves the Wilsonville Target so I guess I should go check it out. I mean, what else have I got to do?

I have a baby shower tomorrow for the daughter of my brother's best friend from high school (they're still best friends, it's just that they became best friends in high school, and I don't have to tell you it's been roughly 29 years since high school for Tom and Tony) (Good Lord, why all these references to how long ago things are? I didn't sit down to write about my age..), and she is registered at Target, so it's really all about a purpose, but I do love Target and don't get there nearly enough.

So my neighbors are all moving away. Even the broad next door with the kid she is constantly screaming at. I saw a for rent sign on her window the other day and I thought, what? I just figured she owned. She's been here as long as I have, and she's a bitch. I don't know her, but she is never friendly when I see her. Even after I put the note on her door thanking her friend for shoveling the snow a year ago December. Her kid, on the other hand, is always friendly - waves at me when they drive up in the car, says hi and tells me about football when we run into each other in the parking lot. She could learn a lot from her kid. But nevertheless, it's kind of sad to see her go. Not because I hope to break through her hard candy shell, but because there is some sort of mild, apartment-dweller comfort in hearing them come home from some event with her chewing him out at the top of her lungs and no doubt embarrassing the shit out of him. Now it's just me, and nobody to the left or right, and the Duck fan upstairs on one side and the old lady with the creaky bed on the other. Let's hope to heaven no young pot smoking roommate types move in next door. I don't have anything against pot-smokers, young people or roommates, but I do have plenty against riff raff, and that's generally what those kinds of tenants bring with them.

So as is the custom for me this sunny Saturday morning, I've been up since 5:30, finally showered, almost ready to leave the house, but probably won't until 11am. It's too relaxing listening to my iTunes, drinking coffee, catching up on the news and watching Seca completely lose it all over the house (I don't know what kind of kitty-cat demons she has, but they chase her constantly). I love the sun, but I love my Saturday morning, too, and it lasts just a little bit less time than today's weather.

Happy weekend, everyone!


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