Friday, February 26, 2010

February never changes

There are a thousand things skipping about in my head but not enough to make some kind of reasonable post. So I checked out the last few Februarys in the history of TtheD and found that not a whole lot goes on my life in winter. So I really shouldn't be concerned that the only thing I have on my mind lately is how I hate it when I get up in the morning and it's raining out, and I think about my commute, and getting out of the car with my purse, my coffee, and my umbrella because despite the truth that true Oregonians don't use umbrellas, I have to use one or the entire day will be centered around what chaos my hair is in due to the weather. I'm pretty sure the people in the branch don't want to hear me bitching about my hair, but that's what I do.

Last night I reluctantly agreed to have dinner at the mother's house because my cousin Helen is in town and the mother decided to steal Barbie's thunder and host a dinner. I think it was only supposed to be me, the mother, Helen and Helen's son Mike, but I ended up bringing Tom for reinforcement and Mike ended up calling our other cousin Mo and then Barbie actually came. It freaked the mother out when I told her I was bringing Tom (she hadn't planned for as many people but whatever) and then Tom was fired up that Barbie was coming (she redirects all the attention), so it ended up being actually a pretty fun evening. Which isn't normal for that kind of a scenario. I was home by around 8:45 and went to sleep on time and (despite the customary nightmares I always have following an evening of family) woke up on time and am actually ready to go to work with plenty of time to blog.

I chatted with a long ago friend on FB this morning and he asked me what kind of crazy plans I have for the weekend. People often ask me that. Because I used to be able to come back with some pretty good stuff. But now, you know, I can't. Because I don't have any. The highlight of the weekend will be the cut and color tonight, and the promise of the rescheduling of the hair appointments to accommodate my new requirement of color-every-four-weeks-instead-of-five. And the threat of me actually doing some cleaning. It's awesome. I'm awesome. I'm so flipping interesting that I can't even pretend to you people that I have more going on. Maybe I should start another blog where I am the person I would have been if I actually continued on with my fun and exciting self that left me some time ago.

So that's it, then. It's Friday, thank God, and I am looking forward to waking up at the same time but without an alarm clock, and drinking coffee in front of the cracktop but without a time limit, and potentially cleaning, and general relaxation. That's it. That's all I got. It's almost March, Spring is coming. We'll see what happens.


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