Wednesday, June 04, 2008

So the fleet's in...

It's Rose Festival time again here in the City of Roses. Or Bridge City. Or whatever we call ourselves. Every year at this time, and really earlier, the Portland city high schools hold their Rose Festival Court nominations and choose a princess, and then at some point during the actual festival one of them is crowned queen. They get a plaque at the Rose Garden in Washington Park and get to ride in the big float and I'm not really sure what all else, but it's a tradition and I imagine a pretty big deal if you are a Portland high school teen.

The Fun Center opened last Thursday, a midway of all manner of rides and attractions at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. I used to go every year, when I was younger. It was kind of fun, being from Beaverton and all, going downtown and seeing what crazy new fashion fad the girls from Oregon City were wearing each year: acid washed jeans with pleats in front, leg warmers, rope shoes. It was like going to the Copper Penny without actually having to cross a bridge. Anyone reading this who grew up in greater Portland around the same time as me will understand how incredibly mortifying all this is. Yeesh.

There are a ton of events during Rose Festival, including Fleet Week, where ships come in from (what used to be) all over, adding yet another attraction to the Fun Center - sailors from out of town. This is good fodder for the Oregon City gals: fresh meat for them, and it works out, since I imagine being stuck on a ship for months at a time means a sailor might not be so ... particular. It was fun for us SW suburbanite kids to watch the SE suburbanite kids toss their big hair over a shoulder and throw themselves at these unsuspecting (and quite drunk, usually) out of towners. Maybe I should put some perspective on this for those of you who aren't familiar with Portland demographics - Tanya Harding is from SE Portland. Over there, she's pretty normal. Get it?

Capping off the Festival is the Rose Parade. My brother and sister and I used to go watch it as kiddies down at my mom's place of employment, which was right on the parade route, and never really had to fight for a seat (we sat on top of the ambulances). I have fond memories of being wrapped in blankets and being thankful to be out of the pouring rain. Nowadays, it's a pretty big deal for people to fight for a good spot, "saving" spots for as far in advance as Memorial Day and pissing off other parade goers. Don't you love the fighting over what is supposed to be a festive event? This year the City of Portland intends to fine people who try to save a spot with anything, including duct tape, which seems to be big this year. Is it really THAT great of a parade?

For more information, go here. And if you live anywhere near Oregon City, better keep an eye on your teenage daughter.


At 8:51 AM, June 04, 2008, Blogger CancunCanuck said...

Forget the teenage daughters, go get yourself some sailor ass, LOL!

Go for an officer, they tend to have slightly better manners. ;-)

At 9:27 PM, June 04, 2008, Anonymous lgrt said...

that is why it started raining again... I forgot the mud garden was going on.

At 9:54 PM, June 06, 2008, Blogger Steve Cotton said...

Every year: rain and roses.

I almost hate to admit that I am a Rex Putnam boy -- and we owned a business in Oregon City. Wait for it -- selling -- motorcycles. I must get something like a trifecta for that.

At 6:37 AM, June 07, 2008, Blogger JJ said...

Ooooohh Steve, dang it! I think you're saving grace here is that you are male... how's that for a recovery? Weak, probably, but welcome, anyway!

And Canucka, while I appreciate the idea, I prefer to get my one-night-stands in a bar as opposed to a midway, like any other self-respecting single gal! :)

At 10:48 AM, June 07, 2008, Blogger Steve Cotton said...

I left out the best: my Mom believes that Ms. Harding was framed.

At 11:37 AM, June 07, 2008, Blogger JJ said...

You're killing me, Steve.

Okay, so this just means that your mom has a good heart and sees good in everyone. Very sweet.

But I don't think she's right. :)


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