Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to Kim R!

Well I had a full day today and then I went to dinner with Marsha, so I did not have the opportunity to phone you and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kimberley! But I wanted to - it's just that since I am two hours behind you and it's 10:30 your time now and I am assuming you are spending quality time with that Arturo, well, you know how it is.

I hope your 40th was wondrous - ask Becky T. (Rebecca H.), your 40s are not bad at all (but that's only if you won't listen to me). Lots of clarity and knowing what you want and all that rot. Isn't it ironic? I've been 40 for 2 years now and I don't know what I want... maybe you should just listen to Becky T. and not me so much... anyhoooooo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM R! Many happy thoughts for a fabulous year!


At 12:39 PM, October 17, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joyce - Thanks so much for the birthday blog post! The day was great, we had a nice dinner at Iki RestoBar in the evening, and it was attended by many way cool close friends!

Now why can't I remember WHERE that photo was taken? In Merida somewhere? I'm not getting it...

Hugs, Kim

At 3:31 PM, October 17, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who has clarity? Certainly not Becky T. Was I ready to leave my job a few months back. Crystal on that baby. Six months later, I don't know what to be when I'm all growed up.... 42 today. I do have a book idea...but who do I know that is a wonderful, witty writer? who? who? who? hmmmmmmm

At 6:16 PM, October 17, 2007, Blogger JJ said...

Kim - Yes it was Merida, notice the festive atmosphere? I would love to try Iki sometime - perhaps in February. Glad it was a great time!

Anonymous aka Becky T. aka Rebecca H. - Book idea? Hmmm... do tell!


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