Monday, July 11, 2011

Making the effort

The last two Mondays have been the kind of Mondays I used to have when I had my own escrow desk. Stupid, sullen, anti-social, bleak, blah, tired, stupid. Little by little I get better, but yeah, today just kind of sucked. I'm feeling stupid and untalented on the desk I'm on, and I seem to be just a tiny bit off the mark in my interaction with clients. Also, just this very second I am realizing I double booked a 4pm for Tuesday. Nice. Let's see how I figure THAT one out.

I meant to mention that I was recommended to (yet) another wax girl and went last Thursday. She used to work at Blush but when her husband's work schedule changed, she quit and gave it a shot at doing it from home. She seems to have quite a schedule booked out. My colorist (who recommended her) raves about her, so I gave it a shot. She was really good. Quick, cheap, and very good. I'll go back.

Because not only did she do my Albert Einstein-like eyebrows (things had gotten completely out of hand) and my bigota (that's "mustache" to you non-Spanish speakers), she threw in a soul patch and - get this - a NOSE! Don't worry, it wasn't like a 75 year old man up in there, but still.. I'm peri-menopausal; I got hair growing all over the fucking place.*

But seriously, it was awesome. It wasn't something I could post on Facebook, and I can tell you here because seriously I think I'm down to like thirteen readers, but I'm not kidding you, it was awesome. Clean, breezy, I just don't know of any other word to describe it. AND it didn't hurt. Simply fantastic. I highly suggest you try it if you have the opportunity.

Tomorrow is going to be all funky because I am taking Barbie to the hospital for surgery at 8am, and that puts me in the office around 8:30 or so, when I normally get there at 7. Wrenches in my routine can be off-putting. Let's hope the sun shines a little bit to cheer me up.

It's July, right?
* One of the many things that make me so date-able.


At 11:50 AM, July 12, 2011, Blogger Sara said...

No sunshine = you in a worse mood I'm guessing? :)


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