Thursday, August 05, 2010

They're the luckiest people in the world

You can't say that I don't get out much. I get out. I just sometimes prefer to be home. I have a job that can be at times very frustrating, very busy, very draining, and after a long day I mostly just want to put on my houseclothes and be in for the evening.

When I do go out, however, I have a really good time, and wonder why I don't go out more often. The first Wednesday of every month I meet for dinner with a group whose common denominator is my colorist. It's not a huge commitment and I get to go to places I wouldn't otherwise go (meaning I cross the river. I rarely cross the river). It's a diverse group (though there are two in the escrow biz like me) and the conversation is great.

But I'm a creature of habit - or should I say I'm somewhat chained to my routines? I like to be in bed by 10pm and I like to get up around 4:45am. Change these up a little and I feel like a wrench has been thrown into my whole day. I'm getting better, but I still find myself checking my watch at 8:15, wrapping it up by 8:30, and then racing like the wind across town before I have to turn on my headlights (have I mentioned I HATE that I have to turn on my headlights now at 8:45pm? I hate it when summer goes). I find myself a little bit rushed, patterns off, and though I go to bed at mere minutes past 10, I wake up the next day tired and feeling a little hung over (it's important to mention I haven't had alcohol since Dec 12..). There is no question it's all in my head. The real question is how do you make it get OUT of there?

Saturday I am meeting a couple of high school friends and heading over to another high school friend's house for a mini-reunion. We did this last year, though the players may change this time around. Seems like it will be smaller. I think I'm looking forward to seeing a couple of people and then calling it good, but again, it's something different. Getting out. Being social. Un crazy-cat-ladying myself. Maybe.

The good news is the Palm Springs trip is on (major clusterfuck on that one - I booked the wrong week. It's worked itself out though) and soon I will be laying out in 110 degree heat for the tan of the year. I've also priced out Cancun, and it's doable. But at the same time my rear brakes are out now, my front brakes will be done in 5000 miles, and I'll need new tires before winter. So it's a good thing I'm flat ass broke or I'd have a hard time deciding what to pay for first.

Things are mel, it's summer, I've got some potential worries but I'm not letting them get me down. I'm looking forward to being social and needing people around me again. For a little while, anyway.


At 6:38 AM, August 07, 2010, Blogger Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Plus you know that if you came here you would not be getting a ton of relaxing time - it would be filled up with friends.

I cannot wait to see you when you do make it down though.


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