Monday, August 09, 2010

Here's why I'm a sucker for marketing

This is not my bedroom. I wish it was, but it's not. Currently my bedroom has a bed on a frame with no headboard or footboard, two mismatched antique chests of drawers, two comforters and four pillows, all with mismatched textiles. There are shoes on the floor in front of the smaller chest, which holds a dusty fan and several tshirts, a pair of jeans and some cotton shorts. There is a mirror on one of the walls and a TV on the other chest. It could be described at the very least as functional. But it's not the bedroom in the picture.

I like simple, almost stark, clean, pure lines. I like big fluffy comforters with duvets in rich tones. I like a bed that screams out to the living room, "Come on in and lay down!" For some reason I have never actually had that kind of bedroom.

I got the Ikea catalog in the mail today, and I love Ikea because Ikea for some reason knows exactly the life I want to live. Or at least the place I come home to after having lived it. I want every one of the duvet sets and all but a few of the beds. I want throws and big comfy sofas and wicker chests with big brass buckles that I'd use as a coffee table. I want simple prints in silver frames lined up along one wall. I want soft linen panels that hang from a cafe rod over my slider and softly billow in the breeze. For some reason I want a dining room table that's already set with earth-toned plates and bowls and napkins in wooden rings. I want something at least marginally more attractive than what I currently have to set my old-school tube TV on. I want rugs, and throw pillows, and hooks to hang my coat on when I come in the door. I want to walk in to the bedroom and toss my sweater on to the bed and have it LOOK like it's supposed to be there.

The people who live in the Ikea catalog do not have cats whose claws have absolutely and irreversibly ruined their sofa. They do not have to vacuum constantly to get the hair up, and do not find stuffed mice in their shoes. You never see kibble on the kitchen floor or little splashes of water next to the bowl. They don't wear houseclothes, or if they do, they are certainly nothing like mine. They dust (or someone does it for them). They lounge, they eat whole wheat pasta with feta and quinoa salad and sip red wine. They watch public broadcasting and are working on their next novel. They don't realize they have to take the trash out the minute the bra is off, the make up removed and the hair is pulled on top of the head. They prefer bicycles to cars and are responsible enough to phone the Beaverton Honda to schedule their rear brake repair. They balance their checkbooks and have ironing boards and like to knit. I'd never make it in the Ikea catalog world.

But I think I want a bed, at least a bed, that looks like this one. It's time I had one, don't you think? Maybe if I start with a bed, it will inspire me to build the life I've always supposed I should have. The life the Ikea catalog says I should have.


At 6:40 AM, August 10, 2010, Blogger Theresa in Mèrida said...

This gave me an idea for a post! Thanks!

At 9:17 AM, August 10, 2010, Anonymous Jackie said...

When the Ikea catalog came the other day it went right in to my recycling can. I love it too but it wears me out.

At 10:52 AM, August 10, 2010, Blogger teresa f. said...

i don't think i've ever read your blog before. i clicked on it off of theresa's post and enjoyed reading it. so where are you now? perhaps still in beaverton.

i had never gone to ikea until we bought our new house last year. can't even remember what we were looking for, but it just wasn't our style. the only thing i bought was a huge salad bowl which i now use as a planter with shells lining the inside. now that i think about it, i also got some very delicious chocolate!!!

we should all have the bedroom of our dreams. after having used my husband's greatgrandmother's bedroom furniture for 28 years, (I do like antiques but enough is enough) we finally bought one of our own with a kingsized bed. i swear you could get lost in that bed. so, if nothing else, buy yourself a bedframe and some of those covers you seem to like so much and keep the animals out of the bedroom, unless of course, they sleep with you. you can get some pretty decent furniture at garage sales and thrift stores if you don't want to invest in something new, but at least you can get items that match. have fun redecorating.

by the way, i got a good chuckle out of the paragraph talking about cats. we have 2 chinese rugs which have been ruined by our cats, but i didn't have the heart to declaw them.

teresa in lake stevens, wa.

i wonder how far we are from beaverton. i love oregon.

At 3:39 PM, August 10, 2010, Blogger Marita said...

LOVE the bed set - you should consider it.

But, don't you feel bad that they don't ever have stuffed mice in their shoes? I do. It's one of the pure pleasures of life and it makes me smile every time. A comforter just can't do that.

And now, some online IKEA shopping for me. Did you say duvet covers?

At 7:49 PM, August 10, 2010, Blogger JJ said...

Theresa - Your post was great!
Jackie - I usually toss all catalogs but I kept this one for inspiration. Or something to put on the coffee table. Probably the latter.
Teresa F - Welcome! I used to be really interesting, and now it seems all I do is kvetch. I need a vacation. I'm not sure where Lake Stevens is, but I'm in Beaverton, by Portland. I'll buy the duvets and keep the kitties in the bedroom, that's the theory - wash the duvets.
Marita - I like your perspective. My favorite joy is finding a kitty in a sink.

At 9:20 PM, August 12, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now you know what you like, and that's the point here.
And yes, those with dog / cat hair have & deserve these things, too - so go for it..I didn't have a real "my own" bed until about 5 years ago & was so excited the day it was delivered - you deserve that glee.

At 1:43 PM, August 13, 2010, Anonymous Kim S said...

That was a good one Joyce! Love it! If you want to go to Ikea sometime I'd go with you. I've only been to the one in Seattle and was so excited when we got ours but have never been yet... Let me know. Oh and definitely get the bed!


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