Thursday, April 08, 2010

Because I get up too early when I work in this branch

Last night's dinner of the month was at a place called the Gilt Club in Chinatown (ish). Easy drive there, stupid drive home, because apparently it takes longer than 44 years to figure out how to get around downtown. The food was good, though it's trying it's best to process right now, a bit pricey but well done, and the company of course was fabulous. I go with a group whose common denominator is my colorist Taunja, and it's interesting to note that I am one of three escrow officers. The other two work for my long-standing arch-nemesis, so there's a lot of underlying my-company-is-better-than-yours going on in the recaps of our how-was-your-days. It's true the two companies run neck and neck monthly for first place, but the truth of the matter remains that my company is, in fact, better than theirs.

Since I don't drink unless I'm out of the country (or if there's a cute boy in my apartment) (or, you know, given the right circumstances that only I can choose), it's really easy to figure my bill at the end of the night. I don't miss the nights of not realizing that four $8 drinks add up to more than $20 with tip, but there are some in our group that haven't yet come to that realization. They're usually the ones who cut out early so as not to completely ruin their buzz before they get home to continue the dream. I don't want to be one of the girls everyone else bitches about. You know how it goes.

What's fun about this group is the diversity of it, and the fact that I actually have a blip in my normal routine. Last night we were regaled of tales of one woman (never did catch her name, but oh well, I'm kind of new to the group) who traveled rather extensively in the middle east. I think that's fascinating. We have a realtor in there whose business I did not vie for (because really, it's not me she'd be doing business with in the end) but who ultimately begged me for my card. Because (and I think I've mentioned this) I'm flipping awesome at what I do. And then there was the cop, which makes me laugh because it wasn't too long ago when that would have made me extremely uncomfortable. Funny thing about her was the three glasses of red she had and you know she wasn't cabbing it home. Even they know it's ridiculous.

So now I'm up, tired for no reason, and back to the trenches. They are trenches, people. This desk is flipping insane. I don't know how I'm doing it. Seriously. Sometimes I look up and go, Wait, is this ME doing this? Nuts.

And back to it.

Oh, and Becky, I'll tell you the haunted branch story when I have more time, like Saturday or something.


At 3:41 PM, April 08, 2010, Blogger Marita said...

I'm slightly jealous about this group thing you have going on. I want a group too!


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