Monday, March 22, 2010


So instead of hanging around the casita doing laundry and threatening to vacuum like I might have any other Sunday, I agreed yesterday to take Tom to Al's Garden Center in Sherwood. He wanted a plant for his deck. It was sort of misty but not entirely icky out so off we went. It was good to get out, good to shower and have something to do. Plus I forgot some things at the supermarket Saturday and thought I'd pick them up after dropping Tom off.

I stop at the Safeway, get my shit, spend stupid money on it, and get in the car. Look behind me, look left, look right, look BEHIND ME craning my neck because people never watch their kids anymore and it seems like a good idea to them to let them run willy-nilly in a supermarket parking lot. All clear, I back up. And hear crunching. Get out and see this:

So yeah. Now I have one more bastardly thing to do.

She better not suddenly change her story and say it was MY fault (I mean, look at it. It COULDN'T have been anyway). And that insurance better be valid.



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