Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cut off from the world but surrounded by ham.

Three seconds to blog because I need to get the hell to work due to a power outage yesterday that knocked out our internet from around 12:15pm until whenever, way past 5pm anyway. I was in the email loop for the ticket that attempted to get it fixed, and the last email said something about the "path being clear" - I'm no IT genius, but naturally I assumed that that 9:45pm email meant all was well. We are stricken useless without internet access, because our escrow system is internet based, so after we all did as much filing and non-computer-related work as we could, we basically sat around and did nothing until the end of the day. Fantastic.

I was next door at the eye doctor getting an exam in the room with no windows at the time - contacts out and big machine against my face. Plunged into darkness. I ended up having to just bail and finish it up at 4:30. The power itself came on around 1:15, and thank God it did, because we were replicating Burgerville ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch and I really wanted one.

Does anyone from around here remember when Burgerville offered the ham and cheese on the menu? I may have blogged about it before. I seem to remember writing about it. Anyway, it's not on the menu anymore (and hasn't been for like 15 years) but you can still get it. The travesty of the millenium is that they switched from thinly shaved ham to a big ham shingle about 4 months ago (seriously). So not the same. Orenco Station (the branch I am in this week) has set up a panini grill in the kitchen and has been doing a lot of home cooking for lunches - awesome, since I can never figure out what to have for lunch, and this way I don't have to think. They've been calling their kitchen the Orenco Grille. Monday it was Cece's cream of chicken soup (really, really good) and yesterday was the Burgerville ham and cheese - minus the ham shingle.

Jodi picked up some Burgerville spread and brought in the rest of the fixins' - sesame seed buns, cheese, THINLY SLICED ham. I think it was mentioned that any time someone broke in to song it had to be ham-related (and believe me, people break into song a lot in my line of work). I have to tell you that spread makes all the difference. It was awesome. Seriously, suddenly I was 15 again. I alternately love and am mildly horrified that a sandwich can do that for me.

So now I am hoping like hell that the internet is back and I can actually catch up. So I'm off.


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