Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All I really want to do is sit in my living room and scream.

I can't believe it's Wednesday.
I can't believe it's only Wednesday.
I can't believe it's already Wednesday.

Night, no less.

I've pretty much had three work weeks in the last three days. Busy and a little bit nuts. And it's not like there's THAT much going on on the desk. I mean, I'm sort of typing up loose ends from the escrow officer that just left our company, so that can be mildly challenging, but in the middle of it all she's had a few files that are just ridiculous. Today's challenge was answering a thirty four page condition sheet - clearly this lender did not want to give this guy any money*. But we made it happen, and it's files like today's file that make me glad to do what I do and be somewhat good at it.

In the midst of all of this, the desk I've been working on finally caved in (it had been dropping screws out of the middle part of it for the past couple of months, and today it just sort of gave up just as we were starting a meeting on what to do with the ex-employee's files). It took two boys and Points At Lights II to finally get it straightened out, but it also took about two hours out of my work day. I've been getting to work in the 6-6:30am range, and though I was hoping I wouldn't have to tomorrow, I probably will. There's just shit to do.

Because next week I go west instead of east. I've been downtown for what seems like flipping ages, and though I do like being in the thick of things, the drive is starting to get to me. Seriously, today it was like roller derby trying to get from Columbia to Naito in one piece. People just suck. They suck. They will attempt to cut you off, or slow way the f down, or make sudden lane changes, all in a one block area. I battled for about five blocks with a Tri Met bus driver this evening, and let me tell you that bastard was NOT going to win. My car is already all beat to shit anyway, what's one more ding I can blame on that broad from the Safeway parking lot?

And SPEAKING of which, STILL NOTHING. I complained last week to my own claims person, who ended up being on vacation, per her out-of-office thing, and THEN I find out she's not even my claims person anymore. What the motherfuck? I know, Becky, I am totally going to call the other insurance company tomorrow and yell "I'm turning you bastards in", I just don't have the time or the memory to do it at work. New Claims Person listened to my bitch on Monday and swore she'd have an answer by today. Well thanks. Because I didn't get one. I only remember when I see the gaping hole on the side of my car but I'm sure all the other assholes driving home next to me just think I'm some scrub with no insurance. So wouldn't you think they would just stay away from me?

Okay. So I'm all over the map. My cats are staring at the ceiling and flipping out more than usual so maybe that means we're due for some sort of natural disaster (I just knocked on wood, relax), my emotions have been all over the grid today thanks to crazy weather, my Harvey, and imploding office furniture, and I think I need to go to bed and watch mindless drivel until I lapse into my bizarre dreamland. You may not hear from me for a few days, but I assure you I will be quite vocal and animated.
*He's one of those guys they should be THROWING cash at: wage-earner management position at a Fortune 500 company making six digits, pots of liquid assets, family firmly planted in the Pacific Northwest, putting about 65% down on a million + dollar house. Come on, lender. If not him, then who?


At 7:55 AM, May 23, 2010, Blogger Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

WOW sounds like a good time!!!! Man am I ever glad I am not an assistant anymore. Well, I am but for a very talented massage therapist- that is so much better.

I hope you get a chance to visit Tulum this year.


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